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Our Fleet Management services were created with small businesses in mind. We provide fleet maintenance solutions on your time, at your location and for a price you can afford.


  • Mobile Auto repair solutions

  • Maintenance Solutions

  • Vehicle Health Monitoring

  • Fleet Telematics

  • License & Title

  • Risk & Safety

  • Consulting


Our fleet management solutions keep you and your mechanic connected to your fleet.

  • Vehicle Health Monitoring

    Our team of trusted mechanics monitor the health of your fleet vehicles in real time, providing your drivers with immediate advice & assistance if trouble occurs. Minimize vehicle downtime with our virtual inspections, what if it’s just a loose gas cap? Time is money, Go Mobile Mechanics save you both.

  • Telematics

    Stay connected with your fleet through our state of the art telematics platform. Drive growth, minimise vehicle downtime, increase productivity, extend the life of your vehicles and most importantly SAVE. From lower repair costs, to extended fleet life cycles, better fuel efficiency and more, our fleet management solution protects your bottom line.

  • Brake Tag & Registration

    Your dedicated fleet manager will ensure your fleet vehicles meet every regulation without investing personal administrative time.

    • New vehicle license & registration

    • Annual Registration Renewals

    • Brake Tag Inspection Notification & Scheduling

  • Risk & Safety

    Your dedicated fleet manager will file & manage insurance claims, arrange vehicle replacement, connect fleet drivers with Roadside assistance and more.

  • Consulting

    Our team of experts can advise you on fleet replacement cycles that reduce vehicle maintenance & repair costs, which vehicles are best suited for your business needs and more.

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Maintenance Program

Repair & Maintenance Service at your location on your time.

  • After hours maintenance & repairs to keep fleet downtime to a minimum

  • Local repair shop available for bigger repairs & multi day jobs

  • Digital Inspections allow you to view your vehicle health reports, including video and picture of recommended repairs, right from your smartphone or computer.

  • Pre-Paid Maintenance Plans keep you in control of your budget and allow you to plan for the future.

  • Pay As You Go fleet maintenance and repair plans give you the flexibility you need to maximize your monthly budget while ensuring the health of your fleet.

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Fleet mechanic

With 100 years of combined automotive repair experience, you can rest easy knowing your fleet vehicles are in our hands.

Your Go Mobile Mechanic performs vehicle service & repairs at your convenience and at rates you can afford. We offer after hour and weekend appointments

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