February 27, 2018

Calling all Uber + Lyft Drivers

Keep your vehicle in tip top shape with Go Mobile Mechanics. Here are three ways our virtual mechanic can do all of the work while you sit back, share your ride, and bring in the money.

1.Keep Track of Your Car

With our Virtual Mechanic, the smart key plugged it in right under your dashboard, you’ll know where your car is going and where its been with the live map locator and trip tracking.

2. Maintenance Reminders (need we say more)

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to keep track of everything your car needs and when. We get it, you have a life.Keep that money maker movin’ with upcoming maintenance notifications, service history tracking and full OEM maintenance schedule.

3. Live Vehicle Health Monitoring

To make maintenance a breeze, our trusted mechanics can perform a virtual inspection in real time! Just install the smart key right under your dashboard! Engine light on? We can provide you with a quote, schedule you an appointment and even set up a tow if necessary. Your dashboard can tell what diagnostic trouble codes your engine triggered, a simple explanation and even tell you the severity level.

Make your maintenance a no-brainer with Go Mobile Mechanics.